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I use either 8.0 grains of Unique or 6.3 grains of Bullseye under a 255 grain plain-based lead bullet. Both are very accurate.
Howdy from San Diego: IMHO I prefer the new unique, is some what cleaner but very stable my prefer load is 7.5 Gr of unique behind a 230 gr LFN pill and for 45-70 14 gr of unique behind a 405 Gr LFN pill.
Good luck
and safe shooting
Bean Bandit # 24424
Before I changed to 44-40, I used 7.2 gr of Unique behand a 250 gr bullet. Still using Unique but bumped up to 8 gr. Just like to feel my pistols buck a little when I shoot 'em
Kentucky Bounty Hunter SASS# 28912
re: 45LC load.
I've tried a bunch of powders, many work much the same as others. Lately I've used 5.7g Titegroup w/250g LRN with great accuracy and minimal grit. I don't care it's smell or the sharper sound but it works good for me.

Unique in various amounts always works very well. I like 231 also. I actally prefer FFFg Goex......
quiet jake
I started with unique but it didn't meter well in my Lee and it was dirty - even the "new" cleaner stuff. Now I use 4.9gr of Clays behind a 200gr LRNFP and love it. Uses less powder than Unique, burns much cleaner, and meters well.
Just my .02
Jimmy John Daniels
Just about any medium burning range powder will give acceptable results in the .45 Colt. The real important things to watch are bullet diameter to chamber mouth relationship, bullet weight, velocity and crimp. To simplify, use a standard weight bullet (250 grain) that is near the average diameter of your cylinder's chamber mouths, use a fast to medium powder in a load that nears factory equivalent velocity with a firm crimp. Do these things and you'll be getting the most out of your .45 Colt. Your burn and cleanliness should improve, also. I used Unique for years...before switching to Red Dot. 6 grains with a 250 grain bullet. Used exclusively now for fifteen years. Like it.
Wicked Willie SASS#9377
Since no one's mentioned it, I'll recommend keepin' your primer pockets clean. You'll dirty them up with any kinda powder. A cushion of carbon and other residue will cause high primers, weak fires, and no fires. Primer pocket cleanin' tools are cheap...but, even an ol' small tip screwdriver can be used...just twirl it in the pocket a bit.
Odessa Straight
When I was using 45 Colt, I loaded 5.5 grains of W231 (HP-38 is the same powder made by the same company here in Florida) with a 200 grain RNFP bullet. I like this powder because it meters so well and is not dirty.
Slogun, SASS#2854
I use Titegroup in all my handgun ammunition. It has been wonderful. I use 5.7g of Titegroup under a 225g bullet cast from wheelweights in RCBS's "Cowboy" 45 mould. Lubed with Lee's 50/50 alox stuff.
Reverend Doc SASS#16909
I started out using W231, then Titegroup, now I use 6 grains of Red Dot behind a 250gr. bullet, works real good for me. Wicked Willie gave me some good advise when he suggested Red Dot. Have a good en'
Southern Fried Bern SASS#35555
I used to use unique in my 45s, but I was having metering problems.I was also told that there was so much empty space in the casing that it affected the way the bullet shot,depending on where the powder was in the casing. I read and was told that titegroup would not do that, so I tried it. It meters alot better and is cheaper to use ,I use less powder. I was using 8 gr. unique, when I went to titegroup I use 5 gr. with a 250 gr. bullet and it works great. Just my 2 cents worth. Good luck and good shooting.
6.5 grains of BullsEye and a Hornady .454 250 gr. slug... and clean primer pockets.
Odessa Straight
W231 7.2 grains for a 250 gr bullet.....
Moosejaw, SASS#34405
My RV's and Marlin '94 love AA#2 in .44 Mag. Just as accurate as my favorite Bullseye load without the soot and with less recoil. Meters a lot better than Clays in my measure.

The Accurate Arms Manual shows these loads in their Cowboy Data, stating to use the loads as-is, do not reduce them:
45 Colt No.2 Imp

200 WC 6.4 gr 952 fps
225 FN 6.1 gr 873 fps
240 SWC 6.0 gr 845 fps
250/255 FN 5.9 gr 813 fps

Test barrel 7 1/2", CCI 300 primers, WIN cases.

AA #2 is a bright silver-colored powder so it's easy to see the level in the cases if you're not loading on a progressive. Load up some of that stuff and see if you like it.
Dix Hatband
200 gr bullet and 7 grs of Red Dot. Very accurate at about 825 fps.
Old Scout
5.3 gr. titegroup under a 250 gr. lasercast. Meters well, a pound goes a long way, has a nice"bark", but don't leave it your measuring tube very long as it will soften it up and make it sticky.
For my 2cent - I've been using a 200 gr RNFP Bullet and 6.7 grains of Win 231. I also use 6.9 grain and 250 gr RNFP bullet. My experience is that the 200 grain loads have some blow by but the 250 gr loads seal up pretty good although not completely. The guns I am using are an AWA peacekeeper with generous chambers - it experiences much more blow by than my Colt with a custom cylinder with tight chambers and properly sized throats for 452 bullets that I am using. The casings in the colt will blacken about 1/3 of the casing and the AWA will blacken 2/3-3/4 of the casing. This blowby, although not really a problem in my pistols does cause some problems in my Win 73 leaving plenty of grit in the action requiring cleaning quite often. West Creek Charlie
I've been using Unique and 250-grain bullets in my .45's for over 30 years with good success. Don't see any reason to change.
Squint Westwood
I've been shooting 200gr lead in front of 6.5grs of Unique and getting good results. I am looking around for other powders and have tried Tightgroup, Bullseye and now Clays. So far 5.7grs of Clays is very much like my Unique loads in performance. Be sure and check your manuals before using any info given here on the wire. Saftey first and all that. Good luck!
Gypsy Davy
I shoot 230 gr. trunciated cone cast bullets pushed with 5.5 grains of Winchester 231, Winchester Brass and Winchester large pistol primers. Functions jist fine in my brace of Vaqueros and 1894 Marlin Cowboy. Been shootin this load fer the last couple of years and been very pleased with it. W2321 burns clean so you can shoot all day without gumming up.
I load 200 gr. with 5.2 of Clays for my wife with no complaints.
Boris PowClankSki
I just switched from 250 grain bullets with 5.5 grains of 231 to 200 grain bullets with 6.0 grains of 231. The recoil is (to me) about 30% less and shoots the same point of impact in my Rugers and my Marlin CBII.
Parsons Range
200 gr with 5 gr Clays puts em where the sights look in my 5.5 inch RBVs with only a little recoil. As Gypsy Davey said, always check reloading manuals, this load is about the middle of the road in the Lazer Cast and Hodgden books. I also like the same bullet with 4.5 gr Clays in a 45 S&W case.
Kulshan 20262
My handgun load is a 250 gr wad cutter design over 6.2 gr of Unique.
I get about 725 fps out of my rugers. The bullets are sized for the Rugers. They are .451's Load 5 and give them a try.
Tall Art
Nice lite load for 45 is 16grn(By Volum) of CleanShot, 1/2" 410 shotgun fiber was, 200grn RNFP. Very minamil recoal, nice bang, good smoke.
I load a 200 gr RNFP with 5.4 of Clays. Good accurate load with very little mess. Also powder goes a long way!
Hoss Hogg
I've been shooting 250 gr over 4.5 gr of clays in the 45 colt and it is a very light recoiling load. This is my plinking load since I don't have a 22 anymore. Moves the bullet at 630 fps. Try the same thing with a 200 gr bullet and it'll recoil even less.
Wichita Easy
Been useing 5.8grs of tightgroup and a 200gr. RNFP.Have some friends that use 5.2grs of tightgroup for low recoil with the 200gr bullet with no problems.
Loose Gun SASS #31182L
Rifle - 45LC case - 5.0 of Clays, Fed primer, 200gr bonus bullet Pistol- 45 Schofield case, Fed primer, 4.6 of Clays , 165 gr Bonus bullet Both work super with little recoil
Trooper Steve
For the 45LC I have used many loads. For simplicity I try to find one that is accurate and managable in the pistol and that I can use with the rifle too. It is so much eaiser to go to they shoot and know that your pistol and rifle will do well with the same load. I use 4.3 grains of Red Dot with a 200 Gr. RNFP with Fed or Winchester Primers. I feel the Winchesters are more consistant, yet light action jobs do better with Fed primers. This 4.3 Grains of Red Dot with a 200 Gr. RNFP and a 4 3/4 pistol will give you about 650 FPS with a good crimp. If you want to make sure you have 650 -700 FPS go up to 4.5 Gr. Red Dot. It is very accurate and reliable and recoil is very mild.

Please remember to consult your manual and wear proper safety equipment and use guns in good working order before using any load given on the web.
Cajun Kid SASS #5690
I shoot 7 grains of Unique, behind a 200 grain RNFP in both pistol and rifle. Excellent results. I prefer the slightly heavier loads so I can feel the gun when it goes off, just in case of the ever present just in case.
Capt Samuel Clayton
45 Colt.... 160 gr Hunter bullet, 5 Gr Bullseye
red logan
I use Lyman 190 gr .45 cast bullet w/ 6 gr Bullsey and a federal primer
Lee 255 gr RNF bullet w/8 gr Unique and Federal primer
Lone Yankee
Try They have several Cowboy loads for .45 Colt.
Judge Strong
FAQs Most Accurate 45 Colt Loads
I have loaded for the 45 colt for nearly 30 years. I used Unique for most of those. However after I got a chronograph I found that I was getting 100 fps faster shot if I held the pistol muzzle up prior to the shot then I did with the muzzle down. This was an indication of powder to primer postioning sensitivity. It was suggested that I try Hodgdon's Titegroup. With it I have found virtually no difference between muzzle up or down. I have settled on 5.2 grs. with the 250 gr. bullet. set off by a CCI large pistol primer
Will Ketchum
Revised Load: 4.6 clays under a 200gr RNFP
Jimmy John Daniels
Revised Load: I shoot 45LC for my load I choose 7 gr of Unique to push a 250 gr pill. With this load I can drop knock downs without any problems. Safe shooting and happy trails
Bean Bandit # 24424
For the last 8 years I've been shooting 6.5gr of Unique and a 230gr RNFP by AA Ltd for pistol and 8.5gr of Unique with the same bullet for rifle.
Red River Mike, SASS#350
I shoot a 200 gr. bullet with 5.5 gr. of Win. 231.I have no problems with blow-by with this load and recoil is mild.
Lee Creek Kid SASS #26847
I shoot 5.0 grs. of Titegroup with the 250 gr. bullet. Great load with plenty of knockdown and little recoil
Creede Kid, SASS # 42511
Revised Load: Rifle 200gr Bounus bullet with 5.0 gr Clays tight crimp. Pistol 165 gr bonus 454 dia with 4.6 gr of Clays again real tight crimp- both work great for me.
Trooper Steve, SASS # 15623
I use Win brass, WLP primer, 5.8 Unique under a 255gr cast bullet with medium crimp. Bullet is a SWC by Carroll, if you want their info e-mail me. Mild recoil but seems to have enough punch to do what it has to, but makes for a Very dirty bore in my Win 94 (thanks to powder choice).
Jeremiah Grimm
5.4 grains of titegroup over a 250 grain RNFP in both rifle and pistol.
Jasper Leadspreader, SASS #39910
I am using a 250 gr RNFP over 5.6 grs of Titegroup for 850 fps (estimated). This load goes BANG and CLANG. Knockdowns no problem and I get 200 rounds more to the pound than with Unique. I use this load for both rifle and revolver. That's my tupence.
250 grain RNFP bullet
Any case
Win Large Pistol Primer
7.3 Grains Unique or 2.2CC (33grains) Goex FFg
Driftwood Johnson, SASS #38283
5.4 Clays under a 200 gr. rnfp .45 bullet
a little bit of recoil, enough so's the gun is right there for ya to cock it again quickly. I tried 4.6 which is the recommended minimum( Coboy Loading book by Hogdon) and it felt like I was shootin a .22! 6.0 is the maximum 5.4 or 5.3 is right in the middle.
Rye Miles #13621
5.2grs. INTERNATIONAL Clays w/ 250gr. LRNFP for pistols (one of which is a Navy arms Schofield in .45 Colt),
and 6.2 INTERNATIONAL Clays for the BR-92 carbine and the 66 Yellowboy with same bullet.

Reason for downloading the pistol ammo is that the Schofield frame is not as tough as the colt clone frames that I shoot. Also, I get about 50 FPS less out of the Schofield, using the same ammo.

I capitalized the word INTERNATIONAL, because there is a big difference between that and other Clays powders.
Grizzly Skinner SASS# 23242
Here is my favorite smokeless 45LC load:shot 1000's of these!
Lasercast or Bonus 200 gr RNLFP Cast Bullet
6.2 gr Titegroup(good Medium + Load,855 FPS)-Pistol) 6.5 gr Titegroup ('light'- Heavy load, 933 FPS-Rifle/Carbine)
WLP Primer
Winchester or R/P Brass
Overall length: 1.570" +-.005"These 2 loads work great for me in my 45 Colts,45 USFA Pre War, and Winchester(Uberti) 73,Marlin Cowboy 45, and Rossi 92 45......These are NOT Gamer Loads, but loads that are comfortable for me and perform very well!But I like'HOtter' Loads than most!
Sixgun Shorty, SASS#35717
Win 231 powder. Win large pistol primer. 250 grain laser-cast bullet. 5.5 grains powder works real well.
California Lawdawg
My Uberti's like 32 grains (full case) of FFG. My Colts' like 34 grains(fulkl case) of FFFG. Both like Pyrodex P. In smokeless I load 7.5 grains of Unique driving a 250 Lead punkin ball. BUT the absolute most accurate load I have ever used in this caliber and ALL my guns like it iw 8 grains of 800X driving the same bullet. Someone on this site recommend it and I sort of laughed but had some 800X, WOW, sub one inch groups.
Christopher Gist
I am using a 250gr RNFP over 5.5 grains of Titegroup. I use this load for both rifle and revolver. Love it!
Flash In The Pan, SASS #25239
200gr RNFP 6.4 grs AA#2IMP WLP primer starline case AOL 1.560 900 FPS.It works well.
Chain Blue
5.6 grns. Win 231,Win primers 250 grn bullet
Morgan Daniels
Revised Load:
Here's my 2 cents worth.
45 Colt Rev
230 gr trucated ( it has a flat nose)
Fed LP primer ( any good quality )
6.2 gr Unique
This should get you 725 to 750 FPS. This is cas type of loading. Full house loads would be up around 8.0 gr and a 250 gr bullet. 850 FPS
45 Colt rifle
230 gr trucated
Fed LP primer ( any good quality )
18.0 gr IMR or Hod 4227
This should get you a faster round out of a rifle. 850 to 900 FPS depending on barrel lenth. Any way these are my loads and I find tey do better than I can. As with with all reloading info be careful and your mileage may vary.
Tall Art, SASS # 18802
After many years of loading this caliber for a large varity of guns I have never found a gun that didn't shoot better with the .454 bullets than it did with the .452s. This is pre-war, post-war, Colts and clones. Blackhawks and Vaqueros. Rifles and carbines. They all like the larger bullets the best. Also I am presently loading 6 different handguns and 2 rifles in 45 Colt for my own use and they all shoot well with the load I listed above. I will admit that Titegroup has a bit sharper report than Unique but for me at least the trade off is well worth it.
I.Will Ketchum Life 4222